How to Choose The Best Gardening Knee pads

Gardening requires quite a few protective gears. A mostly outdoor activity, long-sleeve shirts, wide-brimmed hats, sunshades, and tons of sunscreen are needed to protect the gardener from the rays of the sun which become harmful after extended periods of exposure. It is also important to always have a cool, refreshing drink close by to prevent dehydration. Yet another important body part that needs to be well protected is the knees. Most gardeners spend a lot of time on their knees as they dig, mix and plant their crops. Kneeling for long without supportive and protective gear can cause injury to the gardener.

It is very important to have knee pads. However, with so many available options, one could get confused and not know what to choose. Here are a few tips on how to choose the best gardening knee pads.

best knee pads for gardening

Find The Right Size.

Good gardening knee pads should fit the user. They are made in all shapes, sizes, and styles so the options are many. A fitting knee pad stays put and does not slip or move around. An ill-fitting pad will not protect the user from the hard surface of the floor and lead to injury. If it doesn’t fit, don’t buy it.

Machine Washable.

The best gardening knee pads are machine washable. The materials used in making them should be versatile and easy to clean. It should also be machine wash friendly. This makes it convenient for the gardener to maintain and keep clean between uses.


It would suck if a gardener has to purchase a new pair of knee pads every other day. This is why good gardening knee pads need to be durable. The activity they are used for leads to inevitable wear and tear. However, the best knee pads last for a long time before they expire.


the very act of gardening involves soil and water. The muddy mess on the floor shouldn’t be able to seep through the gardeners’ clothes while kneeling. The best gardening knee pads are produced with a moisture-proof external shell. As the name suggests, it locks out moisture and keeps the kneeling gardener dry.

Well-Padded And Cushioned.

Just as the outer part of the knee pad needs to be moisture-proof, the inner part needs to be well padded and cushioned to ensure comfort for the user and prevent injuries like bruising, chafing, knee pain, and consequently joint problems.


Lastly, choose a gardening knee pad that allows easy mobility at the knees. Gardening knee pads should be designed to allow movement and flexibility when the gardener shuffles from one ridge to the other. This also ensures that there is no friction or stiffness from the pad that could cause injury.


Having a gardening knee pad is more a matter of very necessary practicality than luxury and choosing one shouldn’t be so difficult if the buyer knows what they are looking for. There are quite a few very good brands whose products feature these requirements.