Hunte's Gardens - Barbados, W.I.
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Welcome to Hunte's Gardens, Barbados, West Indies.

Hunte's Gardens, centrally located in lush hills of St. Joseph's, are conveniently accessible from all around Barbados. Just 20 to 30 minutes' drive from Holetown, or St. Lawrence Gap, not far from Flower Forest and Orchid World, they offer to garden and nature lovers one of the finest experiences one can find on East Caribbean islands.

Created by a legendary horticulturist with an unusual flair, Anthony Hunte, these extraordinary gardens will please even the most keen gardeners and enthusiasts.
Their placement is really most unusual - in the center of Barbados' rain forest, in a sink-hole-like gully. Thanks to such interesting location, the g offers a multidimensional experience, with vigorous plants densely growing on many levels - from sunny and open spaces, down to a mysterious, dark heart of real Caribbean jungle.

Hunte's Garden viewA picturesque and easy-to-walk path offers many surprises, thanks to the superbly created series of mini-gardens embedded within the main large unit, combining vibrant colours and textures of rare exotic plants to offer the visitor a most uplifting and fulfilling experience.

The owner and creator of this beauty, Anthony Hunte, is the heart and soul of this place. You may meet him in the garden or around his extraordinary house (actually converted from an old stable, would you believe it!), and you can be sure to be welcomed with fascinating, colorful stories and a glass of rum punch with fragrant juice of freshly squeezed fruits.

You can find your privacy and relax on one of the garden benches cosily hidden among the greenery, or explore acres of this most extraordinary, almost surrealistic space.

Be sure to have your camera ready, as birds and animals love to visit this garden too!
Your exquisite experience is gloriously heightened by classical music subtly wafting in the air, adding an extra layer of delight to an amazing ambiance.

When you are ready to leave, we suggest stopping by the Hunte's Nursery, which offers exotic plants and some garden related souvenirs.

REMEMBER, we are a pet-friendly garden, however, you they must be on a leash, and you must bring poop bags with you.

For the fullest experience, we suggest starting your day in Barbados by visiting the nearby Welchman Hall Gully - a place where you can explore authentic, intact Caribbean rain forest and its caves - and after that - coming to Hunte's Gardens, to see his amazing creation built on the same rain forest grounds you just saw at Welchman Hall.

This combined visit can easily become the highlight of your entire visit to Barbados, West Indies.
Don't take our word for it - check it out for yourself, and see how thrilled you will be!

Some of visitors' comments:
"This garden touches you on many levels, including spiritual - it touches your soul..."

"It is like entering a dream, a fairy tale. Before you know, your heart is filled with joy, and you almost exsopect to see a flying fairy behind next bend of the path. Hunte created a real magical masterpiece - one of the most vibrant gardens of my entire life.

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