How to Choose the Best Gardening Hat

good gardening hat

Gardening is one of the most peaceful and therapeutic outdoor activities that are suitable for both the young and the old. Many times though, when you go out to the garden you must come prepared dressed in the right clothes and with the right tools. Choosing the right tools is not difficult as you can get help from experts or from a simple google search. However, getting the right clothes can be a bit tricky. One of those wears includes a gardening hat.  A gardening hat is comfortable and protects from harsh weather. Below are some helpful tips to find the best gardening hat: 

Make Sure that the Hat You Choose is Washable 

This is perhaps the most important tip when looking for the best gardening hat to get. Regardless of the material, it is made from, a washable gardening hat is just what you need because when you go gardening you expose yourself to sweat, dirt, the sun and insects. All these can form stones and dirt on your hat. This of course means that you would have to wash your hat. You wouldn’t want to keep wasting money to buy new gardening hats every time yours get dirty. 

Make Sure that the Hat Protects Well from the Sun and Does not Obstruct Your Vision

If you are choosing a gardening hat, don’t just go for something fancy. Make sure that it will protect you from the direct rays of the sun because you will most surely be out in the sun a lot. A hat that will protect you from the sun should be wide enough and well-balanced. The whole point of getting a hat is for comfort, so why not go the extra mile to stay protected from UV rays while having one of the most relaxing moments. 

The Hat Should be the Right Size

The best gardening hat shouldn’t be too big or too little. The right size of the hat is the one that fits you just right. When it is too big, it may fall off beating the whole purpose of both comfort and protection. When it is too small, however, it may cause extreme discomfort and even hair damage after prolonged use. You wouldn’t want that now, would you?

Make Sure that it is the Right Color

It may sound odd to you that your gardening hat has to be the right color, but the best gardening hat should fit all the criteria. When a gardening hat is a right color, it does not absorb sun rays. Instead, it bounces them back. Colors such as black or very dark colors do not make very good gardening hats. You would want to go for brighter colors like light brown, lavender and lilac. These make better gardening hats. 

When gardening, your mood and the atmosphere are two of the most important things to consider. The atmosphere will most likely affect your mood which in turn affects how you enjoy the activity. Getting dressed in the best clothes is one way to lift your mood, so make sure you get the best gardening hat the next time you go gardening.