Gardening Sims 4 Tips

While the Sims 4 is a very enjoyable game, there are a few challenges you may encounter, one of such is the Sims 4 gardening. Gardening is likely the most difficult and complex of all skills in the Sims 4 game. It focuses on the ability of the Sims to grow a variety of plants that can be used in recipes or sold. It comprises 10 skill levels.

gardening sims 3


Skill Level 1 – At this level, your Sim can plant, weed, water and harvest plants. Gardening skill books can be read at this level as well.

Skill Level 2 – This level is based mainly on research. Your Sim can research gardening on the computer system thereby helping you get a better gardening experience.

Skill Level 3 – Good quality plants can be produced due to the introduction of fertilizers at this level. Plants can be fertilized with plants or fish. Fishes are more productive than most plants, the productiveness depends on the type of fish and how rare it is.

Skill Level 4 – It is important for seasons to be installed in this level for your Sim to buy seasonal seed packets. This helps your garden have crop availability all year round and enable your sims to talk to plants thereby satisfying social needs. Seasons will determine the growth or dormancy of plants although there are plants suitable for all seasons.

Skill Level 5 – Your Sims will be able to cut and graft to other plants. To graft two plants, the Sim will cut from one plant and graft it to another plant, this helps get unachievable plants otherwise known as Hybrid plants. 

Skill Level 6 – It is slightly easier in this level as your Sim can weed a large portion instead of selected plants.

Skill Level 7 – one can unlock or open new Sim packets at this level, packets like the farmer seeds and uncommon seeds. The ability to weed and water the whole garden is easier however, you will still decide when to harvest and fertilize. 

Skill Level 8 – This is the “excellent sell” level of Gardening Sims 4. A large portion of plants can be sold at once to earn money without waste of time. The Sim will be able to bring back dead plants by paying $100.

Skill Level 9 – Tending the garden is the most important function of this level with activities done at a faster pace or speed, this makes the level one of the most enjoyable. Gardening is so much faster at this level whereby your Sim will weed and water easily and effortlessly. 

Skill Level 10 – This is the last level of gardening skills. This level is mainly based on the rare seed packets which are unlocked here. They are quite costly as it is worth $1000 per pack but will give you a Ton of plants. 

After all is said and done, “Freelance Botanist Aspirations” should be given to your Sim if you want your Sim to be a gardener. Rewards like “Green Thumb” can be bought while focusing on your aspirations. Traits like “Loves Outdoors” should be chosen for your Sim to have a fun time when gardening outside.