Gardening The Sims 3 Tips!

gardening sims 3

Gardening in Sims 3 is a very important function in the engaging virtual world. The planting, growing, and harvesting of different plants that the Sims can find within the game are all a part of this function. The Sims 3 gardening skill can be improved or made more effective by obtaining The Green Thumb feature and the Super Green Thumb reward which comes once in a Sim’s lifetime. 

The Sims 3 gardening function allows a sim to grow a wide variety of plants, both real and fictional e.g. Plasma fruit, life fruit. The plants that are grown have several uses such as the brewing of potions e.g. nectar. Furthermore, by selling the harvested produce, the sims can make money from gardening. 

How to get the “Gardening” skill in Sims 3

Firstly, your sim needs to acquire the “gardening” skill to be able to plant crops. There are several ways of obtaining the gardening skill. The first and most common option is to plant some crops. Another way to obtain the skill is by visiting the library or bookstore to read or buy gardening books. 

Also, your sim can take a gardening course at the science lab for the cost of 400 simoleons. Although it is expensive, this method raises gardening skills by a whole level. Lastly, you can have a more experienced sim tutor your sim. 

Obtaining Seeds for Gardening in Sims 3

Basically, there are four ways to obtain seeds for gardening in sims 3. The first is by looking out for seeds. Seeds can be found anywhere in the town, however, they are very small and difficult to identify. When the seeds are obtained, they do not reveal what kind of plant they eventually turn out to be. That remains a surprise until they’re planted. This means that you may obtain a common plant or a rare one. Exciting, right?

All seeds and plant crops can be planted in the ground, therefore, you can go to the supermarket, purchase several farm produce and replant them in the ground. 

Another method of obtaining seeds is to explore the world of the sims in search of wild plants. Like seeds, this method allows you can harvest several rare products for your garden. For instance, an omnipotent plant that is used to duplicate items can be found near the science facility. If you find yourself in Sunset Valley, be sure to look for Gobias Koffi’s garden which is home to flame fruits.

Lastly, seeds are sometimes given as rewards for completing tasks or reaching new levels, e.g. studying a book on gardening or reaching level 1. 

How to Plant a Seed in Sims 3

Go to the inventory list and choose the seed you’d like to plant. You can use the option “plant many” if you have multiple items. This option can be found in the upper left corner. To increase the effectiveness, you can plant the seeds in double rows. This allows easy maneuverability for your sim and of course, more crops. 

Also, make sure to have your sim work the garden. The easiest way to do this to click the “tend garden” option, the response is fully automatic. This will ensure that they pull the weeds, water the plants, and harvest the crops. Of course, there’s a manual option, but who wants to waste time clicking on each plant in the garden? Just assume you have a hundred crops in your garden. Are you going to click on all of them? I think not. 

Gardening in Sims 3 is incredibly engaging and rewarding! You get to experience what it’s like to be a farmer.